Editors-in-Chief: Emily D. Ryalls, California Polytechnic State University
  Rachel E. Silverman, Boise State University
Book & Media Review Editor: Aubrey Huber, University of South Florida
Book & Media Review Editorial Assistant: Erjona Gashi, University of South Florida

Feminist Pedagogy publishes original scholarship on higher education teaching strategies and approaches from an intersectional feminist perspective.

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Current Issue: Volume 4, Issue 3 (2024) Real #HotGirl Sh*T: Megan Thee Stallion & Mediated Hip Hop, Black Feminist and Communication Pedagogy

Introduction to Special Issue


Savage, Classy, Bougie and Ratchet Feminist Pedagogy
Katrina Marie Overby and Gheni Platenburg

Original Teaching Activities


Katrina Marie Overby, Gheni Platenburg, and Niya Pickett Miller

Critical Commentaries