Architectural Engineering Department faculty research programs vary greatly, focusing on the history of traditional structures, development of unique mathematical models to support emerging structural engineering requirements, theoretical and applied understanding of seismic design, and instruction related to total project design.

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Submissions from 2014


Empirically derived effective stiffness expressions for concrete walls, Andrew Mock, Anahid A. Behrouzi, Laura Lowes, Dawn Lehman, and Daniel Kuchma


Distribution of Chord Forces in Large Panelized Wood Roof Diaphragms, Weichang Pang, Chun Ni, John Lawson, and Sami Pant


Examining the applicability of design methods for large panelized all-wood roof diaphragms under seismic loading, W. Pang, S. Pant, C. Ni, and John W. Lawson