Computer Science and Software Engineering Department faculty research is highly interdisciplinary. Faculty researchers are actively involved in collaborations with industry partners and internal and external academic colleagues on solving real-world problems.

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Submissions from 2020


Automating Deep-Sea Video Annotation Using Machine Learning, Hanson Egbert, Lubomir Stanchev, and Benjamin Ruttenberg

Submissions from 2019


Combining Parts of Speech, Term Proximity, and Query Expansion for Document Retrieval, Lubomir Stanchev and Eric LaBouve

Submissions from 2015


Building Conflict-Free FFT Schedules, Stephen Richardson, Dejan Markovic, Andrew Danowitz, John Brunhaver, and Mark Horowitz

Fine-Tuning an Algorithm for Semantic Search Using a Similarity Graph, Lubomir Stanchev


Measuring the Strength of the Semantic Relationship Between Words, Lubomir Stanchev


Semantic Search Using a Similarity Graph, Lubomir Stanchev

Submissions from 2013


Wireless Cloud Architecture Based on Thin Clients and Ontologies, Todor Cooklev, Lubomir Stanchev, and Chao Chen