Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Aerospace Engineering


Aerospace Engineering


Jordi Puig-Suari


The structure and payload of a CubeSat flight experiment that investigates the performance of particle dampers in a micro-gravity environment was designed, built, and tested, and will provide on orbit data for model validation and improved performance predictions for space applications of particle damping.

A 3-D solid model of the integrated CubeSat structure and payload was created satisfying all constraints from CubeSat and the System Dynamics Department at Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems. The model was verified using commercially available Finite Element Analysis software (FEA), and a prototype structure part was fabricated. The prototype was tested and verified the FEA. A complete subassembly ready for flight was manufactured as an engineering unit and tested to space qualification loads of both launch vibration and thermal vacuum. Two additional units were contracted out for manufactured to serve as the flight unit and backup, and are currently ready for launch.

Available for download on Saturday, March 12, 2022