Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Computer Science


Computer Science


Foaad Khosmood


Computer-assisted learning is older than Turing machines, and constantly evolves as technology improves. While some teachers are resistant to using technology in the classroom, “e-learning” techniques are becoming more common in almost every school, from K-12 to universities. As technology becomes more widespread, it becomes crucial to examine the various methodologies of computer-assisted learning and find the techniques that are most effective.

This paper explores the effectiveness of one such methodology, spaced repetition. This technique applies to homework assignments available to students online. We include an exploration of several existing apps that use this technique, and introduce our own novel app, Polycommit. Polycommit was developed for use with several Cal Poly classes and was deployed during the first half of the Spring 2017 quarter. With careful attention to user feedback, we created a tool that motivated students to form better study habits. While our results do not show statistically significant improvement to student grades, this tool gives insight into how modern technology and gamification can be leveraged to create an engaging app that encourages positive study habits, and gives us a platform to develop future applications concerning gamification.