After five weeks of work on their planning ideas for Paradise, the students turned their attentions to developing buildings – individually, not in teams – on particular sites. The type of building and the location were left to each student’s discretion. As a result, the project types ran the gamut. There were two co-housing projects, six mixed-use projects, seven civic buildings, one school, and two resorts. Sixteen of the projects are shown on these posters.

The intent behind each project differed but, in general, the housing projects all sought to broaden the range of affordable housing available in Paradise, and the civic buildings and resorts all sought to provide new attractions for residents and tourists – as well as revenue for the town. In addition, the nine projects in the new East Village center together looked to establish a pedestrian “Main Street” or village character that would be different from what had existed previously. The three projects on Billie Road sought to establish a neighborhood center, a subcenter intended to promote walkability and social interaction.

The students were to develop these projects “comprehensively,” meaning they were to develop the projects’ in material terms, taking into account structure, materials, and environmental responses.

Note: Projects with QR codes on the poster have panoramic 3-D views available. Aim your smartphone at the code, zoom in, and then tap on the prompt that appears at the top of your phone; you’ll then be able to view the project in 3-D by turning your phone or by swiping your fingertip across the image.