Food Science and Nutrition Department faculty have an interest in applied research, which is often done in collaboration with the food industry. Areas of research include everything from the development of new foods to the study of how foods impact health, wellness, and disease prevention.

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Submissions from 1992


Phosphorus Sorption by Gravels in Lateritic Soils, D. M. Weaver, G. S.P. Ritchie, and R. J. Gilkes

Submissions from 1986


Relative Toxicities of Inorganic Aluminum Complexes to Barley, R. S. Cameron, G. S.P. Ritchie, and A. D. Robson

Submissions from 1985


Estimates of Soil Solution Ionic Strength and the Determination of pH in West Australian Soils, P. J. Dolling and G. S.P. Ritchie


The Role of Organic Matter in Soil Acidification, G. S.P. Ritchie and P. J. Dolling

Submissions from 1981


The PZC of Mercury in the Presence of Humic Acids and Their Complexes with Aluminium, Geraldine S.P. Ritchie, Alan M. Posner, and Ian M. Ritchie

Submissions from 1980


The Determination of Trace Levels of Aluminum by Differential Pulse Polarography, Geraldine S. P. Ritchie, Alan M. Posner, and Ian M. Ritchie