Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Computer Science


Computer Science


David Janzen, Ph.D


WebIDE is a web-based online learning environment. WebIDE has been used

successfully to teach CS0 and CS1 students Java and C concepts and software

engineering best practices, specically Test Driven Development. Previous Web-

IDE development has concentrated on developing functionality. The main goal

of this eort is to improve two non-functional aspects of WebIDE. The rst is to

design a more delightful user interface. The second is to add a scoring mecha-

nism that encourages students to develop best practices. The scoring mechanism

rewards students who answer the question correctly on the rst attempt, dis-

couraging them from spamming the answer button. Our objective is to motivate

the students to think before answering. The innovations are evaluated through

a semi-controlled experiment that was conducted during the Fall quarter of 2012

at Cal Poly.