Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Agribusiness




William H. Amspacher, Ph.D.


Screw cap wine closures provide many benefits in maintenance of wine quality over time, however acceptance of their use by purchasers has varied. This work first investigates how factors like age, gender, income and education affect the decision to purchase screw cap wines and to what extent these factors impact consumer decisions to bring screw cap wine to various social settings. The results of a questionnaire pooling attitudes and behaviors of wine purchasers (n=319) indicate that factors such as age, wine knowledge, income and gender influence a consumer’s decision to purchase screw cap wine. Education and income positively impact the acceptance of screw cap wines and the likelihood of purchasing them. Age has a negative effect on acceptance of screw cap wines in social situations. Gender was found to not be significant in regards to likelihood of screw cap wine purchase generally, however men tended to view screw cap wines as more acceptable in more social situations than women.