Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Aerospace Engineering


Aerospace Engineering


Dr. Faysal Kolkailah


This research studies the effects of a damage arrestment device embedded between a carbon fiber facesheet and foam core to find whether there is an increase in the structural integrity of the sandwich composites. Experimental and theoretical finite element analyses are implemented for two different composite sandwich geometries; plates and beams. Each structure consisted of the same loading criteria and was restricted to the same vibration fixture during the experiment. An accelerometer was placed on the composite plate to record the amplitude and the natural frequencies of the composite structure. Each composite specimen is then fixed to the surface of the Cal Poly Shake Table by two aluminum block fixtures. The mechanical properties of LTM45/CF1803 pre-impregnated carbon fiber and Last-A-foam FR 6710 polyvinylchloride foam were experimentally analyzed using ASTM D3039 and ASTM D1621 standards respectively to determine the material’s mechanical properties. By using the finite element program COSMOS with the pre-software GeoStar, accuracy representation were created to compare numerical, analytical, and theoretical results.