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MS in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering




As power electronic based controllers and loads become more prevalent in power systems, there is a growing concern about how the harmonics generated by these controllers and loads affect the power quality of the system. One widely used power electronic based load is the Variable Frequency Drive (VFDs) used to vary the speed of an induction motor; whereas a common example of a power electronic based controller used in power systems is the Static VAR Compensator (SVC) for improving a system’s power factor. In this thesis, the harmonic content and overall performance of a system including both a VFD and a SVC will be studied and analyzed. Specifically, the cases of no compensation, static capacitor compensation, and power electronic based static VAR compensation are examined.

A small-scale model of a system for study was constructed in lab. Several cases were then performed and tested to simulate a system which contained both fixed and power electronic based harmonic generating loads. The performance of each case was determined by total harmonic current and voltage distortions, true power factor, and RMS current levels at different points in the system.