Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering


Dale Dolan


The focus of this thesis is to research, analyze, and design a reliable and economical control system for the Cal Poly Wind Energy Capture System (WECS). A dynamic permanent magnet generator model is adopted from [1] and [2] and combined with an existing wind turbine model to create a non-linear time varying model in MATLAB. The model is then used to analyze potentially harmful electrical disturbances, and to define safe operating limits for the WECS. An optimal operating point controller utilizing a PID speed loop is designed with combined optimization criteria and the final controller design is justified by comparing performance measures of energy efficiency and mitigation of mechanical loads. The report also discusses implications for a WECS when blade characteristics are mismatched with the generator. Finally, possible ways to improve the performance of the Cal Poly WECS are addressed.