Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering


Xiaomin Jin


This paper studies the optical properties of a GaN Laser Diode (LD). Through simulation, the GaN LD is optimized for the best optical confinement factor. It is found that there are optimal thicknesses of each layer in the diode that yield the highest optical confinement factor. There is a strong relationship between the optical confinement factor and lasing threshold—a higher optical confinement factor results in a lower lasing threshold. Increasing optical confinement improves lasing efficiency. Blue LDs are important to the future of lighting sources as they represent the final color in the RGB spectrum that does not have a high efficiency solution. The modeled GaN LD emits blue light at around ~450nm. Each layer of the GaN LD is drawn in a model simulation program called LaserMOD created by RSOFT Design Group, Inc. By properly modifying the properties of each layer, an accurate model of the GaN LD is created and then simulated. This paper describes the steps taken to properly model and optimize the GaN LD in the 1D and 2D models.