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MS in Architecture




James Doerfler, Jacob Feldman



Integrating the principles of a wind-catcher and a solar chimney to provide natural ventilation

Fereshteh Tavakolinia


This paper suggests using a wind-catcher integrated with a solar-chimney in a single story building so that the resident might benefit from natural ventilation, a passive cooling system, and heating strategies; it would also help to decrease energy use, CO2 emissions, and pollution. This system is able to remove undesirable interior heat pollution from a building and provide thermal comfort for the occupant.
The present study introduces the use of a solar-chimney with an underground air channel combined with a wind-catcher, all as part of one device. Both the wind-catcher and solar chimney concepts used for improving a room’s natural ventilation are individually and analytically studied.
This paper shows that the solar-chimney can be completely used to control and improve the underground cooling system during the day without any electricity. With a proper design, the solar-chimney can provide a thermally comfortable indoor environment for many hours during hot summers. The end product of this thesis research is a natural ventilation system and techniques that improve air quality and thermal comfort levels in a single story building. The proposed wind-chimney could eventually be designed for use in commercial, retail, and multi-story buildings.

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