Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Industrial Engineering


Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering


Jose A. Macedo



A Parametric Method of Perspective Alignment and Color Correction on Skin Lesion Imaging

Jian Xu

This thesis investigates the employment of a parametric and fiducial-based perspective alignment method, and a color correction method in the context of digital skin lesion imaging. Specifically, the thesis focuses on the problem of restoring geometric and color distortion caused by variable imaging conditions across multiple skin lesion images.

As the first step, an overview of the problem and relevant methods are presented. Next, the theoretical assumptions of relevant methods and practical requirements in clinical environment are compared. Based on the understanding on the goal of the specific medical implementation and characteristics of the relevant methods, we further address the theoretical and practical issues such as the necessity of rigid and parametric methods, using invariant control points as landmarks and inferring the global color variation from the color reference.

The proposed geometric rectification and color correction methods are related with a fiducial mark design which provides control points and color reference for the respective geometric transformation and color calibration.

The experimental results from this thesis show the efficacy of the proposed methods in correcting undesired global geometric and photometric distortion across multiple digital skin lesion images.

Keywords: Skin lesion, digital image registration, perspective alignment, color correction, fiducial mark