Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of City and Regional Planning


Adrienne Greve


This master’s project was conducted under the direction of the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board (Water Board) to assist with augmenting their Basin Plan. An investigation of the current practices for identifying and managing groundwater recharge areas was conducted, and strategies for protecting water quality by managing land uses in groundwater recharge areas were developed. Data sources included a review of agency documents, websites, and maps; interviews with stakeholders, and literature research. Data from these sources provided the foundation on which to base strategies for maintaining and improving groundwater quality in the Central Coast Hydrologic Region. This project recommends standard language for groundwater recharge areas, minimum criteria for identifying and mapping these areas, and protection strategies. The Water Board must establish minimum standards to protect groundwater recharge areas, and collaborate with local agencies to protect the quality of groundwater throughout their jurisdiction.