Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering


Civil and Environmental Engineering


Shikha Rahman


The Santa Ynez Mountains of Santa Barbara County, California, have seen many major storm events during the past century. San Jose Creek, which runs out of these mountains, through the town of Goleta, and into the Pacific Ocean, has experienced several intense flood events as a result. The lower portion of the creek was diverted in 1960 to alleviate flooding through Old Town Goleta. However, flooding still occurred in the storms of 1995 and 1998. This study incorporates a hydraulic analysis component of a project aimed at re-designing this diverted portion of the channel. It presents an analysis of modifications to this reach in order to improve its capacity and reduce flooding during a 100-year event. As one of the most prominent software for hydraulic modeling for steady and unsteady state open channel flow, HEC-RAS is used to analyze multiple variations in channel geometry and combinations of lining materials. Of these modifications, the best configuration is suggested.