Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering


Civil and Environmental Engineering


Daniel C. Jansen


This paper presents results on experimental research for concrete produced using recycled coarse aggregates (RCA). Five types of coarse aggregates were used in this study, four of which were RCA. The main purpose of this research was to examine how different types and properties of coarse aggregate affected compressive strength, modulus of elasticity, and shrinkage in concrete when natural coarse aggregates were replaced with RCA. Concrete batches were made with water-cement (w/c) ratios of 0.30, 0.45, and 0.60, and substitution percentages ranged from 0% to 100% of natural aggregate with RCA. Test results clearly show that compressive strength, modulus of elasticity, and shrinkage greatly depend on the quality and type of coarse aggregate used. In addition to testing of hardened concrete, predictive models for elasticity and ultimate shrinkage were developed to formulate and reinforce proposed conclusions about the properties and performance for the different RCA.