Date of Award



Biomedical and General Engineering


Lanny Griffin


During development and testing of the pacemaker and defibrillator device functionality, engineers in the cardiac rhythm management industry use a patient simulator to ensure device functionality properly before device is tested with an animal or a human. The patient simulator is also used in the formal device product testing. In St. Jude Medical, a patient simulator called Simulation Test Tool (STT) has been developed and used by engineers in the company. While the Heart Simulator (HS) feature based on physiological heart model in the STT has been served as a main cardiac rhythm simulation feature, there has been an increasing need of a new feature in the STT for engineers to create heart rhythm scenarios more easily and effectively. This thesis covers the design and implementation of the new STT feature, called Event Stream, which allows users to create heart rhythm scenarios using simple text string based syntax for testing device functionality.