Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering


Civil and Environmental Engineering


Damian I. Kachlakev


The research provided in this report examines the behavior of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) reinforcing bars, embedded in normal weight concrete (NWC) hinged beam-end specimens, tested in accordance with two laboratory conditions. Reinforcing bars of different diameter, material configuration, and finished surface preparation were tested for bond strength parameters determined in accordance with ACI Committee Report 440.3. Bond strength parameters under the first condition were tested within NWC beams at a relatively low compressive strength and minimum embedment length; the second condition allowed testing within NWC beams at twice the design compressive strength of the first condition and moderate embedment length. The load-slip curves developed show the differences that occur under the specified conditions. The influence of embedment length, bar diameter, material configuration, finished surface preparation, and concrete compressive strength are reported in detail. Furthermore, the testing arrangement selected for this study was proven to have a significant influence on bond behavior when compared to conventional pullout test methods.