Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering


Tom Mase


A system was designed, built and tested in order to test the aerodynamic properties of a standard golf ball in a wind tunnel manufactured by ELD, Inc. model 406(B). The system consists of a rotating shaft, on which the golf ball is attached, connected to a two-axis force transducer. Additionally, an automated data acquisition system was built for enhanced precision of measurements. Data for wind speeds up to 160 ft/s and rotational speeds up to 8,600 rpm were obtained and analyzed. The purpose of the designed apparatus was to allow for studies to better understand the lift and drag coefficients of golf balls during their flight. Subsequent to testing, it was found that the force transducer was not adequate to measure the lift and drag coefficients with sufficient accuracy. Several suggestions have been made on how to improve the wind tunnel so that better results might be obtained in the future.