Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering


College of Engineering


Dennis Derickson

Advisor Department

Electrical Engineering

Advisor College

College of Engineering


The main goal of this thesis is to design and fabricate a power amplifier suitable for entry in IMS 2023 High Efficiency Power Amplifier Student Design Competition. Power amplifier design requires multiple design tradeoffs, for example, efficiency and linearity are the two main conflicting design parameters that require careful tradeoff to ensure optimum performance. Two prototypes are designed and fabricated for the competition: Class F operating at 1.5 GHz and Doherty Power Amplifier designed for an operating frequency of 3 GHz. Both prototypes meet the minimum requirement for qualifying in the IMS 2023 HEPA SDC. Class F power amplifier designed in this thesis obtains a maximum power output of 39 dBm and obtains a PAE of 32% while maintaining -30.66 dBc of linearity.

Award received:

International Microwave Symposium 2023 HEPA SDC 3rd rank