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MS in Biomedical Engineering


Biomedical Engineering


College of Engineering


Lily Laiho

Advisor Department

Biomedical Engineering

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College of Engineering


It was found that the measurements captured by confocal microscopy and scanning electron microscopy had a statistically significant difference for bovine tissue. There was not a statistically significant for porcine and poultry tissue.

The intent of the study is to perform a comparative study to examine efficacy of two distinct technologies for a singular purpose: tissue surface roughness characterization. The two technologies compared are a confocal reflectance microscope and a scanning electron microscope. The comparison was made by comparing two surface roughness parameters [Ra and Rq] within ImageJ.

The study examined three different animal species [porcine, bovine, and poultry] to highlight if different tissues presented alternative conclusions for the efficiency of either technology. Additional analysis was produced comparing two cutting methods [Kleen Kut versus conventional], as well as six different poultry processing technique combinations.