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MS in Biomedical Engineering


Biomedical Engineering


College of Engineering


Michael Whitt

Advisor Department

Biomedical Engineering

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College of Engineering


A study was performed on a recently developed prototype of the Yong-Geddes surrogate arm design to collect compliance data of the various system components and determine the accuracy of measurements made through the bench top model. The study was performed to perceive the effectiveness of the model as a tool for validating non-invasive blood pressure detection monitors. Three stages of testing were performed to gather pressure and volume data from an artificial artery component, a sphygmomanometer, and the surrogate arm system to produce compliance estimations. Mathematical equations from supported arterial hemodynamics studies and clinical trials were applied to the pressure and volume data. Dr. Drzewiecki’s equation for arterial compliance was capable of predicting the region of the highest compliance of the artificial artery and produced an overall value of 38.81% for the data. A second degree inverse polynomial was developed and modeled the sphygmomanometer compliance measurements with a of 99.09%. Significant error was observed throughout all stages of the compliance testing, which was attributed to factors such as excessive noise due to faulty data collection equipment and irreparable leaks in the fluid flow system.