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MS in Computer Science


Computer Science


College of Engineering


Dev Sisodia

Advisor Department

Computer Science

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College of Engineering


Internet of Things (IoT) has seen unprecedented growth in the consumer space over the past ten years. The majority of IoT device manufacturers do not, however, build their products with cybersecurity in mind. The goal of the mobile firewall system is to move mitigation of network-diffused attacks closer to their source. Attack detection and mitigation is enforced using a machine that physically traverses the area. This machine uses a suite of security tools to protect the network. Our system provides advantages over current network attack mitigation techniques. Mobile firewalls can be deployed when there is no access to the network gateway or when no gateway exists, such as in IoT mesh networks. The focus of this thesis is to refine an explicit implementation for the mobile firewall system and evaluate its effectiveness. Evaluation of the mobile firewall system is analyzed using three simulated distributed denial of service case studies. Mobility is shown to be a great benefit when defending against physically distant attackers – the system takes no more than 131 seconds to fully nullify a worst-case attack.