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MS in Aerospace Engineering


Aerospace Engineering


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Eric Mehiel

Advisor Department

Aerospace Engineering

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College of Engineering


Modeling and simulation tools are exceptionally useful for designing aerospace systems because they allow engineers to test and iterate designs before committing the massive resources required for system realization. The Horizon Simulation Framework (HSF) is a time-driven modeling and simulation tool which attempts to optimize how a modeled system could perform a mission profile. After 15 years of development, the HSF team aims to achieve a wider user and developer base by releasing the software open source. To ensure a successful release, the software required extensive testing, and the main scheduling algorithm required protections against new code breaking old functionality. The goal of the work presented in this thesis is to satisfy these requirements and officially release the software open source. The software was tested with > 80% coverage and a continuous integration pipeline which runs build and unit/integration tests on every new commit was set up. Finally, supporting documentation and user resources were created and organized to promote community adoption of the software, making Horizon ready for an open source release.