Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering


College of Engineering


Jennifer Mott Peuker

Advisor Department

Mechanical Engineering

Advisor College

College of Engineering


Since Americans, on average, spend approximately 90% of their time indoors according to the EPA, it is crucial to provide room occupants with the best, most comfortable, and healthiest possible environment, which is known as Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ). This thesis aims to identify how we can provide comfortable learning environments to improve student success. To determine the best possible environment for occupants, a model of the Math & Science Building was developed, validated, and modified using DesignBuilder. In addition, we compared thermal comfort surveys to actual measured conditions for some classrooms. Analysis indicates that students prefer a cooler thermal environment rather than a warmer thermal environment and that the Fanger PMV model is not as accurate as anticipated for predicting thermal comfort. Ventilation strategies could be modified to improve the indoor conditions, especially during exam times and in the afternoon when CO2 is shown to be at the highest concentration.