Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Agribusiness




Sean Hurley


Vermicompost transforms agricultural waste into a high quality soil amendment, though market acceptance remains in its infancy. This study examines how growers’ willingness to pay for vermicompost is affected by grower’s crop, region, income per acre, knowledge level of vermicompost and compost, previous use of compost, and the willingness to pay for compost. The survey results pulled together 223 responses from California growers. It was discovered growers’ had less knowledge of vermicompost than compost but were willing to pay more for vermicompost. There was statistical difference amongst the responses. It was shown the market value per ton of vermicompost lies between $20 and $30; and feasibility of a potential vermicompost facility depends on transportation costs of the finished product. A vermicompost company should focus on North Coast grape growers.