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MS in Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering


College of Engineering


John Ridgely

Advisor Department

Mechanical Engineering

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College of Engineering


The Pier Portal marine monitoring system is an internet controlled underwater camera that will enable students, researchers, and the general public the ability to monitor underwater marine life and ocean conditions. Installed at Cal Poly’s Center for Coastal Marine Science pier at Avila Beach, California, the camera can be commanded in real-time to raise or lower to any position between the top of the pier and the bottom of the ocean floor, while providing a live-stream video to the operator and general public. This thesis effort focused on the integration of the various subsystem components through software, and the development of an online interface to allow the remote control of the system and the ability to view the live-stream video from the camera. Missing or damaged mechanical and electrical components were successfully redesigned and replaced, and a more compact and serviceable winch and sheave system was designed and partially manufactured. A software set was written in Python, JavaScript, HTML, and IEC 61131-6 successfully connecting the system’s control server, the winch’s industrial PLC, the cameras inside the underwater pod, and the front-facing webserver. The system’s internal network has been designed to allow internal components to communicate, and to allow external users the ability to securely control the system and view the video feed. Due to campus closure in early 2020, the final system was unable to be installed and tested, however, this document contains the entire system design and the next steps required to fully implement the system.