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MS in Computer Science


Computer Science


College of Engineering


Bruno Da Silva

Advisor Department

Computer Science

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College of Engineering


The use of dependencies have been increasing in popularity over the past decade, especially as package managers such as JavaScript's npm has made getting these packages a simple command to run. However, while incidents such as the left-pad incident has increased awareness of how vulnerable relying on these packages are, there is still some work to be done when it comes to getting developers to take the extra research step to determine if a package is up to standards. Finding metrics of different packages and comparing them is always a difficult and time consuming task, especially since potential vulnerabilities are not the only metric to consider. For example, considering how popular and how actively maintained the package is also just as important.

Therefore, we propose a visualization tool called DependencyVis that is specific to JavaScript projects and npm packages as a solution by analyzing a project's dependencies in order to help developers by looking up the many basic metrics that can address a dependency's popularity, activeness, and vulnerabilities such as the number of GitHub stars, forks, and issues as well as security advisory information from npm audit. This thesis then proposes many use cases for DependencyVis to help users compare dependencies by displaying the dependencies in a graph with metrics represented by aspects such as node color or node size.