Date of Award



Biomedical and General Engineering


David S. Clague


This Master’s Thesis project consists of the research, design, and fabrication of a system that could perform broadband impedance measurements (1kHz-20Mhz) of single cells using National Instruments Labview data acquisition and programming in coordination with a single cell capture device. Presented first is the background information on cells and their electrical properties, along with background in micro-total-analysis systems as well as impedance spectroscopy. Experimental Methods are then discussed for the electrode design, cellular modeling in COMSOL, fabrication methods, and Labview 8.0 Set-up and programming. Measurements were performed using the single-cell capture device on saline, yeast cells, and a polysterene bead. Analysis of the impedance data showed a clear visual and statistically significant difference between live yeast, the bead, and saline. A comparison of live yeast cells to nutrient-starved yeast cells was also performed and a distinct difference in spectra was observed.