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MS in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering


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Electrical Engineering

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College of Engineering


This thesis aims to provide a recommended power system design for optimal efficiency, reliability, and cost in off-grid applications. The power system examined in this project is a residence in an off-grid community called Quail Springs that generates its energy from roof mounted solar panels. The existing system was analyzed to see what equipment can remain, what needs to be upsized, and what needs to be added to the system. Two power systems are considered for the residence: a fully AC power system and a hybrid AC/DC power system. Simulations were run in PSCAD to compare the efficiencies of the two proposed systems at varying load. The results of the simulations showed the hybrid power system to be generally less efficient when supplying AC and DC loads, but greater than 5% more efficient when only supplying DC load. Although the hybrid AC/DC system is approximately 70% more expensive, it is still the final recommended design due to potential efficiency gains and in an effort to provide educational opportunities that may lead to further efficiency gains in future hybrid AC/DC power systems.