Date of Award


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MS in Packaging Value Chain


Orfalea College of Business


Collen Twomey

Advisor Department

Industrial Technology

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Orfalea College of Business


The United States wine industry is currently undergoing a consumer reset, in

which most wineries are evaluating their practices to discover how they can better

market and sell wine. According to Rob McMillan, EVP and founder of Silicon Valley

Bank’s Wine Division and the author of the State of the wine industry report, boomers

are no longer the target market for wine growth given most are retiring in the next

decade with wine consumption dwindling. In order for the wine industry to grow and

excel, the wineries must solve the problem of how to engage the likes of the young,

Millennial and Gen-Z consumers. This paper argues that canned packaging in the

wine industry is successful at targeting the Millennial and Gen-z demographics

because of benefits such as portability, recyclability and single-serve options.

My research findings and interviews with Union Wine Company indicate that

wineries that have adopted can packaging are increasing output and reaching higher

levels of growth than those wineries that are focusing only on glass bottle packaging.

By researching the relationship between wine packaging type and target demographic

consumption, it becomes fairly evident that the industry as a whole needs to adapt in

order to continue sustained levels of growth.

Canned versus bottled wines will continue to be a significant point of discussion

in the wine industry over the next decade. Innovative technologies and changing

consumer values are leading to the modernization of the wine industry’s packaging

choices. My research reflects the notion that the adoption and implementation of

canned packaging will lead to increased consumption by both the Millennial and Gen-

Z cohorts and increased sales for the wineries themselves.