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MS in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering


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Electrical Engineering

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College of Engineering


This thesis presents the design, simulation, and hardware implementation of a proposed method for improving efficiency of voltage regulator. Typically, voltage regulator used for noise-sensitive and low-power applications involves the use of a linear regulator due to its high power-supply rejection ratio properties. However, the efficiency of a linear regulator depends heavily on the difference between its input voltage and output voltage. A larger voltage difference across the linear regulator results in higher losses. Therefore, reducing the voltage difference is the key in increasing regulator’s efficiency. In this thesis, a pre switching regulator stage with positive voltage tracking cascaded to a linear regulator is proposed to provide an input voltage to a linear regulator that is slightly above the output of the linear regulator. The tracking capability is needed to provide the flexibility in having different positive output voltage levels while maintaining high overall regulator’s efficiency. Results from simulation and hardware implementation of the proposed system showed efficiency improvement of up to 23% in cases where an adjustable output voltage is necessary. Load regulation performance of the proposed method was also overall better compared to the case without the output voltage tracking method.