Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Mechanical Engineering


College of Engineering


Xi Wu

Advisor Department

Mechanical Engineering

Advisor College

College of Engineering


Data acquisition systems for rotordynamic analysis and machine vibration were explored for the purpose of replacing the obsolete Bently Nevada ADRE 208 and ADRE for Windows system. These included the development of Matlab based custom data acquisition systems and a user interface. A model of an anisotropic rotor response undergoing transient speed was developed for the rapid prototyping and testing of data acquisition systems. Several methods for the measurement of amplitudes and phase in both the time domain and frequency domain were developed and compared. An alternate data acquisition method which is more inline with industry practices was created for the purpose of spectral analysis. Additionally, an optimized data acquisition strategy was developed for implementation within the Matlab app which included batch processing, state-based acquisition, and differentiated vector and waveform acquisition rates. A Bently Nevada 2300/20 vibration monitor was configured for use in the lab but found unsuitable for replacing the ADRE 208. Ultimately a Bently Nevada ADAPT 3701/44 Vibration Monitor was configured and found to be an adequate replacement for the ADRE 208 system for use in the Cal Poly Vibrations Lab.