Date of Award


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MS in Biomedical Engineering


Biomedical and General Engineering


College of Engineering


David Clague

Advisor Department

Biomedical and General Engineering

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College of Engineering


Filtration is a technology that is used almost ubiquitously in society from uses raging from filtration of macroparticles from water to pharmaceutical grade filtration products to remove anything larger than a protein. However, with such a wide range of uses, most filtration products have the same issue; membrane clogging (fouling) that prevents continuous use and requires frequent maintenance. This thesis hypothesizes that by applying a direct current (DC) to an insulating array of posts, they will create a foul-less insulative dielectrophoretic filter (iDEP) that does not clog since particles will levitate above the insulating array.

This thesis tested an inherited device (legacy device) and found that its design did not perform the desired foul-less filtration operation under the tested conditions. Therefore, using COMSOL simulations, the conditions of testing and improved deign were developed to fruition. These devices were fabricated and tested and found to successfully levitate yeast particles above the foul-less filtration array using a direct current insulative dielectrophoretic (iDEP) filter. Additionally, different post geometries were observed and how they affect the dielectric force on particles. Although a foul-less filter was not successfully developed over the course of this thesis, the groundwork for development of DC iDEP has been set.