Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Computer Science


Computer Science


Bruce DeBruhl


With all the advancements in autonomous and connected cars, there is a developing body of research around the security and robustness of driving automation systems. Attacks and mitigations for said attacks have been explored, but almost always solely in software simulations.

For this thesis, I led a team to build the foundation for an open source platoon of scale semi-autonomous vehicles. This work will enable future research into implementing theoretical attacks and mitigations. Our 1/10 scale car leverages an Nvidia Jetson, embedded microcontroller, and sensors. The Jetson manages the computer vision, networking, control logic, and overall system control; the embedded microcontroller directly controls the car. A lidar module is responsible for recording distance to the preceding car, and an inertial measurement unit records the velocity of the car itself. I wrote the software for the networking, interprocess, and serial communications, as well as the control logic and system control.