Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering


Vladimir Prodanov


This thesis describes an experimental study and modeling of the current-transconductance dependence of the ALD1106, ALD1107, and CD4007 arrays. The study tests the hypothesis that the I-gm dependence of these 7.8 µm to 10 µm MOSFETs conforms to the Advanced Compact Model (ACM). Results from performed measurements, however, do not support this expectation. Despite the relatively large length, both ALD1106 and ALD1107 show sufficiently pronounced ‘short-channel’ effects to render the ACM inadequate. As a byproduct of this effort, we confirmed the modified ACM equation. With an m factor of approximately 0.6, it captures the I-gm dependence with sub-28% maximum error and sub-10% average error. The paper also introduces several formulas and procedures for I-gm model extraction and tuning. These are not specific to the ALD transistor family and can apply to MOSFETs with different physical size and electrical performance.