Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering


NFN Taufik


As power systems are evolving, engineers are facing, and will continue to face, new challenges with respect to maintaining the system in terms of stable operation. Many different forms of generation are becoming prevalent, including; small synchronous generators, photovoltaic generation, and energy storage techniques in the form of battery and ultracapacitor systems. One of the evolutions occurring in the power system is the emergence of microgrids, small power systems capable of isolating from the major power grid in the form of islands. Microgrids use distributed generation to provide power to small communities, and they come with several advantages and disadvantages. This thesis shows the design process employed to model a microgrid, which contains a variety of distributed resources, in PSCAD, as well as investigate the transient instability of the microgrid when transitioning to islanded operation. Modeling techniques for both grid-connected and islanded operation of the microgrid are considered in this study. In addition to modeling techniques, the effectiveness of proper control of energy storage assets in a microgrid is demonstrated through the implementation and comparison between real & reactive power regulation and voltage & frequency regulation.

Available for download on Thursday, September 24, 2020