Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering


NFN Taufik


This thesis presents the simulation, design, and hardware implementation of a modified multiphase boost converter. Converter design must consider noise imposed on input and output nodes which connect to and influence the operation of other devices. Excessive noise introduces EMI which can damage sensitive circuits or impede their operation. High ripple current degrades battery lifetime and reduces operating efficiency in connected systems such as PV arrays. Converters with high ripple current also experience greater peak conduction loss and require larger components. A two-phase implementation of a modified boost converter demonstrates the input current filtering benefits of the modified topology with increased power capacity. In a 12V to 19V 95W design, the modified multiphase design exhibits a reduced input current ripple of 1.103% compared to the 9.096% of the standard multiphase design while imposing minimal detriment to overall converter efficiency. The modified topology uses two inductors and one feedback capacitance per phase. Larger value inductors generally exhibit lower current ratings as well as larger size. The split inductance of the modified multiphase topology can be designed for occupation of less total volume than the single inductance of the standard multiphase topology.