Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering


NFN Taufik


In this work, a modified boost converter design has been implemented in a multiphase configuration with a condensed topology. The modified aspect of the design has already been proven to drastically reduce input current ripple by about 40% in a single-phase implementation. By placing two modified boost converters in parallel with interleaving main switches (multiphase), the input inductors and modified capacitors of the modified topology can be reduced to just one of each, lowering the number of components, size, and cost. Additionally, multiphase DC/DC converters lower input/output voltage and current ripples while delivering more power compared to single-phase converters. By combining the modified and multiphase benefits, this thesis creates a topology with low ripple and noise while providing high power capability. This thesis covers the analysis, simulation, hardware implementation, and testing of the Modified-Multiphase Boost Converter as well as an equivalent Standard-Multiphase Boost Converter for comparison. Simulation and hardware test results exhibited a 9% input current ripple reduction with the Modified-Multiphase design, presenting a high-power converter with considerable input noise reduction.

Keywords: dc/dc, boost, multiphase, interleave, modified, power, ripple