Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Computer Science


Computer Science


Christian Eckhardt


Modeling believable lighting is a crucial component of computer graphics applications, including games and modeling programs. Physically accurate lighting is complex and is not currently feasible to compute in real-time situations. Therefore, much research is focused on investigating efficient ways to approximate light behavior within these real-time constraints.

In this thesis, we implement a general purpose algorithm for real-time applications to approximate indirect lighting. Based on voxel cone tracing, we use a filtered representation of a scene to efficiently sample ambient light at each point in the scene. We present an approach to scene voxelization using hardware tessellation and compare it with an approach utilizing hardware rasterization. We also investigate possible methods of warped voxelization.

Our contributions include a complete and open-source implementation of voxel cone tracing along with both voxelization algorithms. We find similar performance and quality with both voxelization algorithms.