Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Aerospace Engineering


Aerospace Engineering


Eric Mehiel


Model-Based Systems Engineering in industry has been constantly increasing its presence within the aerospace industry. SysML is one such MBSE tool that shows complex system organization and relationships. The Horizon Simulation Framework is another MBSE tool, created by Cal Poly students, that gives users the ability to run “day-in-the-life” simulations of systems. Finding a way to link these two tools could allow systems engineers to reap the benefits of both.

This thesis investigates the background and design process involved with developing the code that can convert an output file generated in SysML, into a format specifically made for the Horizon Simulation Framework. The goal was to create an interface that can allow users to model a system in SysML, and analyze the model and verify system requirements using HSF. Another goal was to expand the capabilities of the Horizon Simulation Framework by designing and develop a module that would allow users to define and analyze system-level requirements. To evaluate the effectiveness of both codes, the Aeolus example case was used. A SysML model of the system was created as the product of another thesis; SysML based CubeSat Model Design and Integration with the Horizon Simulation Framework. The Aeolus SysML model was converted and used as input in an HSF simulation. The SysML model simulation data was compared against those of the original test case. To test the requirement module, system level requirements were formulated within the Aeolus system and run in simulation, providing an analysis of the results. The results of the analysis confirmed a successful conversion of the SysML model into an equivalent HSF model and a successful analysis of system-level requirements.