Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Industrial Engineering


Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering


Xuan Wang


Ceramic manufacturing is an expensive process with long lead times between

the initial design and final manufactured part. This limits the use of ceramic as a viable material unless there is a large project budget or high production volume associated with the part. Ceramic stereolithography is an alternative to producing low cost parts through the mixing of a photo curable resin and ceramic particles. This is an additive manufacturing process in which each layer is built upon the previous to produce a green body that can be sintered for a fully dense ceramic part.

This thesis introduces a new approach to ceramic stereolithography with a top mask projection light source which is much more economical compared to current vector scanning methods. The research goes through the design and development of a stereolithography printer prototype capable of handling ceramics and the testing of different mixtures to provide the best printing results with varying viscosities. The initial testing of this printer has created a starting point for top mask projection as an economical alternative to current ceramic manufacturing techniques.