Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Computer Science


Computer Science


John Bellardo


The use of smartphone applications has taken over the way people interact with the world. The design of an application has become an important aspect in keeping the user engaged [22]. People are looking for applications that are easy to use and will get the job done. This thesis focuses on the design of a mobile application for iOS that recommends wine in various retail locations that match a user’s taste preferences.

The goals of this thesis are to design an iOS application that recommends wine to consumers, improve upon the wine recommendation algorithms by acquiring more customer data, and analyze the market for consumer and retail need for such a wine recommendation system. The mobile implementation developed for this thesis will be used by a startup based in San Luis Obispo called The Bottlefly. The application will supplement a similar in-store kiosk version to reach wine consumers outside of retail locations in hopes of bringing them into retail locations to purchase wine.

Multiple studies are presented to show the results of acquiring customer data for the wine recommendation system as well as user interface usability studies to acquire data about the usability of the application. Usability factors such as ease of use, application completeness, and willingness to use are measured and analyzed in this thesis. The results will help propel the application forward to make sure it meets customer expectations in order to get it ready for production in retail locations and the App Store.