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MS in Computer Science


Computer Science


David Janzen


Software engineers frequently compose self-evaluations as part of employee perfor- mance reviews. These evaluations can be a key artifact for assessing a software engineer’s contributions to a team and organization, and for generating useful feed- back. Self-evaluations can be challenging because a) they can be time consuming, b) individuals may forget about important contributions especially when the review period is long such as a full year, c) some individuals can consciously or unconsciously overstate their contributions, and d) some individuals can be reluctant to describe their contributions for fear of appearing too proud [24].

UNBIASED, Useful New Basic Interactive Automated Self-Evaluation Demon- stration, is a web application designed to tackle the challenges of performing a self- evaluation by automatically gathering data from existing third party APIs, perform- ing an analysis on the data, and generating a self-evaluation starting point for soft- ware engineers to build off. The third party APIs currently supported are: Bitbucket, Gmail, Google Calendar, GitHub, and JIRA.