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MS in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering




Loop measurements are very important in evaluating dynamic performance of DC-DC converters. In this thesis, a small loop measurement tool as a low-cost alternative to a network analyzer is proposed. The tool is particularly useful when a network analyzer is not always available for use, for example when engineers are working on-site with customers or when a network analyzer is not affordable due to their relatively high cost. The design, simulation, and hardware implementation of the inexpensive loop measurement tool will be presented in this thesis. Results from computer simulation and hardware prototype demonstrate the ability of the proposed tool to perform phase margin, gain margin, and cross-over frequency measurements of DC-DC converters. These results are then shown to be comparable with those obtained from a network analyzer. The procedure used to perform loop measurements with the proposed tool will be explained. Limitations in the operation as well as further improvements to enhance the performance of the proposed tool will also be discussed.