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MS in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering




Over the past few years, the use of LEDs within the automotive and avionic industries has increased due to their high efficiency, durability and wide range of light brightness. As the use of LEDs within these industries grows, a need for reliable, high performance drivers becomes more relevant. Companies are implementing LEDs for applications involving adaptive lighting or simple dimming features. This thesis shows implementation of various non-isolated analog converters integrated with digital dimmers to achieve these adaptive lighting systems. Adaptive lighting systems involve reading an input from an external source (brake pedal or steering wheel) and changing the brightness and/or pattern of the brake/headlights to convey more information to the driver and their surroundings. The analog converters will implement Linear Technology’s LED driver IC’s, while the digital dimmers comprise of microcontrollers and discrete components. The design, simulation, and hardware verification will showcase the abilities of these analog converters. Results will demonstrate the proposed applications for both adaptive front and brake lighting.