Date of Award


Degree Name

MS in Computer Science


Computer Science


Foaad Khosmood


The increase in popularity for wearable technologies (see: Apple Watch and Microsoft Band) has opened the door for an Internet of Things solution to healthcare. One of the most prevalent healthcare problems today is the poor survival rate of out-of hospital sudden cardiac arrests (9.5% on 360,000 cases in the USA in 2013). It has been proven that heart rate derived features can give an early indicator of sudden cardiac arrest, and that providing an early warning has the potential to save many lives. Many of these new wearable devices are capable of providing this warning through their heart rate sensors. This thesis paper introduces a prospective dataset of physical activity heart rates collected via Microsoft Band. This dataset is indicative of the heart rates that would be observed in the proposed Internet of Things solution. This dataset is combined with public heart rate datasets to provide a dataset larger than many of the ones used in related works and more indicative of out-of-hospital heart rates. This paper introduces the use of LogitBoost as a classifier for sudden cardiac arrest prediction. Using this technique, a five minute warning of sudden cardiac arrest is provided with 96.36% accuracy and F-score of 0.9375. These results are better than existing solutions that only include in-hospital data.