Date of Award



Biomedical and General Engineering


Robert Szlavik


A well documented laboratory setup, leech preparation process, and bio-potential data recording process are needed. Repeatability and quality data recordings are essential and thus dictate the requirements of the laboratory setup and processes listed above. Advances in technology have both helped and hindered this development. While very precise equipment is required to record the low voltage bio-potentials, noisy electronic equipment and wires surrounding the work area provide high levels of interference. Proper laboratory setup and data recording processes, however, limit the unwanted interference. Quality data can only be recorded from a properly handled and prepared leech subject. Proper setup and procedures result in quality recordings which lend a clean signal for furthering the understanding of nerve functionality. The electrophysiology lab at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo is an example of a proven lab setup for high quality signal capture.